Hitoyoshi Healthy Cycling Tour ~ Visit Green tea & Tofu Restaurant~

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This tour is recommended for those who are particular about food, as you can enjoy meeting the staff at a tea farm, which is usually inaccessible, and have a delicious lunch at a special tofu shop.


Gather at HASSENBA→Mikazuki Castle→Toshima Sugawara Shrine→Miyazaki Tea Company→Oyaji’s Ganko Tofu→Drive to HASSENBA and disband

Places to Visit


The tour starts at HASSENBA, which serves as the departure point for the Kuma River cruise and also serves as a tourist base.
Tour procedures and a brief lecture on bicycles will be given.

Mikazuki Castle

Hitoyoshi Castle, also known as Mikazuki Castle, is the home of the Sagara family, which ruled the Hitoyoshi area for 700 years.
It is a popular power spot with a great view and a popular place to recharge your energy.

Toshima Sugawara Shrine

The shrine, with its distinctive thatched roof, has a history of more than 700 years. The deity is Sugawara Michizane, known as the god of learning. The shrine is called “Toshima” (ten islands) because there are ten islands in the pond on the shrine grounds. The tall cedar trees surrounding the shrine are mysterious.

Miyazaki Tea Manufacturing

After visiting a tea farm that is normally inaccessible, you will have a special experience of tea tasting and a simple dessert at a table set up in a place surrounded by tea fields. While enjoying the tea, ask a tea farmer about the history of Hitoyoshi tea and his specialties in its cultivation.

Father’s Ganko Tofu

Tofu is a popular vegan food. Here, you can visit a factory that makes tofu with the utmost care, learn how it is made, and compare tofu samples.
At the riverbank, after having a cancer burger for lunch, you will experience mindfulness and refresh your body and mind while feeling the clear water up close.

Included in the Tour

  • Guide
  • Rental e-bike
  • Entrance fee, experience fee
  • Lunch, beverages

Not Included in the Tour

  • Souvenir fee

Reference Amount

from 7,500 yen / person (price per person based on 4 participants)

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