Nakatsugawa Walking Tour

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This walking tour starts at Nakatsugawa Station and takes visitors the Nakasendo trail which is the old route that connected Tokyo and Kyoto during Edo period(1603~1867).
Local guides will show you the contrast between the lives of the local people today by walking through back alley and the atmosphere of the Edo period(1603~1867) through visiting historical spots in Nakatsugawa.


Meet at Nakatsugawa station → Walk Nakatsugawa backalley (Nakatsugawa-juku) → Cultural experience at a temple → Visit Ochiai-juku honjin →Stone Pavement in Ochiai → Suwa Shrine → Magome-juku

Places to Visit

Walking back alley of Nakatsugawa

Local tour guide takes you through narrow alleys, which can only be guided by a guide who knows the local area well, and allows you to know how Japanese history and culture has integrated into Japanese people’s daily life.


Nakatsugawa-juku was flourished as the most prosperous commercial town in this region during the Edo period.
At Nakatsugawa-juku, you can enjoy local sweets and visiting sake brewery which has long history to taste sake.

Japanese cultural experience at temple

Experience zazen, sutra copying, tea ceremony, etc. at a temple near the Ochiai-juku.
(The available experiences vary depending on the day, so please check the schedule).
You can calm your mind and relax through cultural experiences at an old temple where peaceful time flows.

Ochiai-juku Honjin

Honjin were inns that accommodated court nobles, feudal lords, and other important persons, and played an important role in the inns.
There are 17 inn towns in Gifu, but this Ochiai-juke is the only one that remains its original appearance of Edo period. You can visit here with local guide and know how this place worked long time ago.
(Because of heavy rain in June 2023, you can’t enter inside but you can still enjoy here from outside)

Stone Pavement in Ochiai

Stone Pavement was built to protect the slope from heavy rain and to make it convenient for travelers during Edo period.
The cobblestone pavement, which recreates how it looked in those days, is about 840 meters long, and the time spent walking through the dignified atmosphere of the cedar forest is one of the highlights of this tour.


Magome-juku is an inn town along a 600-meter-long stone-paved slope. You can visit local cafe and souvenir shops along this street. It’s also good place for you to eat gohei-mochi which is known for local food around here.

Included in the Tour

  • Guide
  • Entrance fee, Experience fee
  • Lunch

Not Included in the Tour

  • Souvenir fee

Reference Amount

from 9,000yen / preson(price per person based on 4 participants)

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